Soundtrack To My Morning

With small children and busy modern life it can be hard to find moments of quiet and with school holidays starting this week I thought I should capture a moment. So I sat here for an hour with tea and delphiniums, alliums, books, notebooks and roses, just listening.

To share in this moment of mindfulness simply turn up the volume, click on the photo and listen…

morning in June


8 thoughts on “Soundtrack To My Morning”

  • That’s funny Jane I had a similar ‘awakening’ yesterday (albeit, not in as pretty surroundings. Delphiniums don’t have a great survival rate against my menagerie!!) but the birds had me in a complete trance!!! every single one of them has something completely different to say! Love it!!
    Hope you’re on the mend.

    • Thanks Maggie but I’m disappointed, in docs today and no improvement, bit disheartening. On a happier note I’ve noticed the birds more this year than any year previous, not sure if it’s me or it’s them! Either way it’s amazing, I don’t even mind how early they start, it seems eerie those few hours they go quiet 🙂

  • lovely – my outdoor place is not nearly so sweet, but it is precious to me – much different bird calls as well – but I hung a feeder from the alcove tree & sit around the corner to catch the gossip. The cat has cat TV when she sits in the window fascinated by them.
    Good times – 70f today.

  • I might use this in school….how many different things you can here??? Love that you can here cows!!!

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