Style is…

Style is…

an outward expression of inner richness



about looking & being interesting


devil may care


knowing yourself and being true

telling a story

something that comes from inside

not being afraid to be wrong

not fashion

not something you can buy

So how to be stylish…can you be it if you try?

Answer this simple question ‘Who am I’ ?

When you shop seek inspiration, escape, a story, an idea..

Be open to something different. Try the other sides of you

alice knew who she was

Be prepared to be wrong

Be prepared to be seen

Invest in yourself…in what you love and love to do, in learning, in your dreams…in being fully you.

It’s in no way possible that you’re boring

Let yourself shine through

Get out of your own way

Live like there’s no tomorrow

Seize the Day

 If you take an interest in enriching, in being your colourful you, others will find you interesting and you will feel it too

and that’s stylish


Happy Friday…Happy International Women’s Day…Happy weekend : )


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