Talk to Me

Talk to Me

I read a LOT, I scan, I skim and take it all in, my interests know no stop. It’s true I touch on a wide range of thoughts and things here on the blog but believe me that’s nothing, just the tip of the iceberg and meanwhile I connect, forecast, predict at brake neck speed and gosh I LOVE it!!! At one time I thought, forecasting, what a career that would be and I ask you, could you get any more nerdy???

When my brother was in college studying engineering a quarterly journal used to come to the house and I lapped it up, I’d fill him in, he never needed to read it. I’m always interested in people and science and culture and talent, I also love nonsense. I had a chat with a friend lately and we talked, nonsensically of course, about forming the ‘League of Nonsense Bloggers’ we both found this hugely appealing, yes, I’m afraid so.

A big defining thing for me is I not only take pleasure in but can’t resist pondering the moods and spirit of our time, past time, future time, bliss. I could talk about this and many other things for hours, endless, blissful hours.

I just NEED constant intellectual stimulation, it’s the drug and I’m the addict, feed me.

Like No 5, the robot in the eighties movie, ‘I need input.’ Didn’t he eat dictionaries? Luckily the fix is easy i.e. everywhere, legal, and good for my health, I think.

It’s ok that not everyone gets it but I’ve had that scenario more times than I care to remember, do you know it? When your’re talking, answering, explaining (shudder, explaining’s the worst, really none of us should ever explain or even attempt it, don’t you think?) and you know by the faces.

The ones that don’t get it, turn the words, while they’re still on your tongue into earth, your’re frustrated, deflated or worse. Alone, bored, out in the cold and the world seems, vast.

But the ones that get it, oh those wonderful beings! Your tribe! Everyone has a tribe. When tribe members meet their eyes tell the story, no lies, all ignite and time goes in a blink. You feel your soul leap in dizziness of recognition and the world seems, small, and when they go you feel, vindicated, right, bereft, the loss is truly great, tired, good tired, happy, peaceful, right.

I know not everyone has this or, as I recently discovered in conversation with friends that surprised the hell out of me, craves this, but, I always have, I always do and I cherish the places I’ve found it, those dear faces, sparkling eyes and souls too. Of course it’s only possible between people being open, honest and true to themselves, pretend artists take note.

For now let me say, my name is Jane and I talk too much and I think more than I talk and faster than I talk, I blow the head off all my friends and they forgive me, I’m often awkward but my heart is true and if your’s is true I’ll love you but if your’s is not, I’ll know, because, the honest (wo)man is never fooled and knows with ease what’s true.

Talk to me…


 Gotthardt Kuehl, Lovers in a Cafe


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