That Curious Love of Green ~ Notes From a Writer’s Journal

That Curious Love of Green ~ Notes From a Writer’s Journal

Testing 1, 2…

Dear blog friends, it’s been a long time… the cobwebs are real!

If you follow me on social media you already know I have a new book out. A very special book because it’s based on this blog, and my notebooks of the past six/seven years.

THAT CURIOUS LOVE OF GREEN ~ NOTES FROM A WRITER’S JOURNAL is the diary of a writer and mother (moi) from the west of Ireland. For writers, nature lovers, and anyone trying to balance creative work and maintain a self, along with the challenges of everyday life.

It’s now available to order from Amazon at a special lower price until Thursday! Kindle and paperback editions available.

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And here’s the official blurb/description…

‘Combining snippets from handwritten journals and That Curious Love of Green blog with poetry and nature writing, this is an airy, wind-swept (or perhaps rain soaked) observation of the writer’s inner and outer worlds.

Rich in the love of nature, family and art, each note builds on the next, giving a musical and surprisingly complete portrait of the author’s life.

Fans of Cailleach will recognise the unique style that is always somehow other-worldly, even in writing about daily life. With this book, Jane Gilheaney Barry reveals to us a little of the backdrop and secret magic of her writing world.’

A Few Sample Reviews…

5.0 out of 5 starsLovely and atmospheric

29 July 2019 – Published on

Verified Purchase
Art lover
5.0 out of 5 starsCaptivating and inspirational

29 July 2019 – Published on

Nils Ödlund
5.0 out of 5 starsBeautiful. Evocative. Real.

28 July 2019 – Published on

I’m acquainted with the author, and received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Normally, I read SF and Fantasy, so this isn’t my usual fare.
However, I do have a weakness for beautiful prose, and my all-time favourite author is Tove Jansson.
That part of me very much enjoyed this book.

The book isn’t a story as such, but it still tells a story, in its own way – about the passing of the years and the seasons. About a small child growing up, about a book getting written, and about the woman mother writer who experiences it.
Except, it’s not quite that simple.
Really, it’s a bit like looking at a series of old photographs (printed, on paper – not on the phone) from the author’s life – only, there are no pictures, and the photos appear in your mind when you read the little snippets.

It’s lovely.

In the few hours it took me to read it, the book transported me out of my room and into the life and memories of the author. Beautiful, evocative, and real.
It’s been a long time since I longed so hard to live in a house of my own somewhere in the Irish countryside.


”Jane is thrilled to be releasing a second book in under a year. ‘I was already 50,000 words into BANSHEE the prequel to CAILLEACH~WITCH, when Adrian, my husband, suggested I should bring out a book based on my notebooks and blog. He was calling it a poetry book at the time and I suppose it does combine the lyricism of poetry with the truth-telling of memoir into one heartfelt, celebratory book that I’m now really proud of.

I’ve been blown away by reactions from early readers and reviewers too. As one said, ‘Both books are deeply atmospheric but while Cailleach has this sense of foreboding that’s gripping and wonderful, this book is so light and airy you feel it might fly from your hands at any minute.’

Next for Jane is a return to Banshee, the prequel to Cailleach. An adventure story set in famine times in Leitrim. ‘I started wondering how earlier generations of the Cleary family would have fared and asked the question, what if one of the sisters had foreseen the famine? What would they, or could they have done?

The three sisters Cleary, the healer, the rebel, and the witch, have their work cut out for them in 1840’s Ireland. I’ve had my work too, with lots of research into that harrowing time. Banshee won’t shy away from the grim realities but will be a tale of courage and adventure too. With the usual touches of magic, set against the backdrop of the Sliabh an Iarainn mountain.

Banshee and another non-fiction title, That Curious Love of Green Cookbook, will be published in 2020. Followed by the third book in the Cleary family series, Changeling – The Story of Ellen Cleary and a third non-fiction title on creativity.

‘I started writing at 39 and published my first novel at 45. Now I write everyday and have endless ideas. I hope this new book will inspire a few other people to take up the pen, at any age. It enriches your life.’


Leitrim author Jane Gilheaney Barry’s first novel, Cailleach~Witch, was published in September 2018 to widespread acclaim. Comparisons have since been made to authors such as Daphne du Maurier, Alice Hoffman, Kate Morton, and the Brontes. 
A modern gothic, mystery novel, with a strong sense of atmosphere and place. It tells the story of the mysterious Cleary women. A family of Bean Feasa, wise women who live on the local mountain, and are bound to a sprit of the land, the Cailleach.

Inspired by the landscape and ancient myths of Ireland, Jane worked on Cailleach~Witch for five years while rearing a young family and building a successful lifestyle and creativity blog, That Curious Love of Green. This new book offers a glimpse behind the scenes during that time…

Putting this book together…

That’s me on the cover! The image I wanted to use wasn’t good enough quality for print, sadly none of my photos (all taken with my phone) are. I didn’t like any of the stock photo options either so I came up with a concept, described it to Adrian, and we planned to take the photo after work the following day. With a proper camera this time. Now, if you know me you know what a terrible model I am. I hate having my photo taking and always feel really awkward. Lets just say I wasn’t feeling over confident. So out we went. I lay down on the ground – beside a big slug as it happened. I’d put on an old debs dress of Shaylyn’s. Meanwhile Adrian got the ladder, positioned it over me and snapped away. I’d grabbed a few lilac’s and other flowers too. Lilac’s feature strongly in the book so I thought it was cool they were in bloom at the time. And only right to include them. And I was really happy with the end result. What do you think of it?

P.S. It rained for about two weeks solid afterwards! 


Before I started writing Cailleach I was blogging three times a week like clockwork. But from the time I started writing the novel it felt like a gargantuan struggle to write, anything else. To speak, to function. 

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my scribblings would lend themselves to an entire book in their own right. I think this is a good argument for why writing, is always a good idea. And a reason too why women should write. Proof of the value and inspiration to be found, in the everyday. 

All you have to do is seek in the ordinary, commonplace things, the infinitely touching and magical truths, which evoke an overwhelming response, in any creative soul. And tell about them.

xo Jane 

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  • So happy for you, Jane! It’s a marvelous book. Shared your blog post to my Facebook CJ page, best wishes for very successful sales.

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