That Curious Love of Green – The NEW book…

That Curious Love of Green – The NEW book…


The way I feel is making it hard to write, the fact that I can’t feel my fingers with cold doesn’t help. How to describe it?

It’s as if I’ve been in a coma and just woke with an almighty bang.

It’s funny because with outside stressors winding up in November I was all set to float through the rest of the year, I had conjured a coping stratagem around radical presence/mindfulness, and just finishing the novel.

Instead the new book has exploded. I literally can’t, stop, writing it. I was frantically looking for paper and pen while making breakfast this morning, afraid I wouldn’t get the latest thought down fast enough.

Of course it was there all along, waiting for the right time, waiting for me to notice. Now it’s determined to have it’s way through me. And let me tell you, I’m going to let it.

This is the right book at the right time, NOW. I feel 100% certain and fearless about it and the reasons I think are a combination of things like that my coping strategy, and staying open, the fact that I’m currently hosting a two week creativity challenge. And even this black moon we’re having. Snap, crackle, pop, starburst!

If I sound crazy I am, and I’m loving it.

My approach with this book is I’m going with free flow writing, hands struggling to keep up. I’m also working on the following…

  1. The title or more precisely the tagline. ‘That Curious Love of Green – A… dot, dot, dot… It’s coming. 
  2. A description, crackle, fizzle
  3. And an outline…. not as fizzy but important to do.

These are difficult things (most difficult in any project is starting and finishing) more so than the writing, but they will help the writing, and the focus.

Do you know, I thought I was vibrating at a lower level than normal this past two years. I worried that the weight was making progress slow, like wading through treacle. It wasn’t. My ‘self’ is intact, I store it in a different place, away from slings and arrows. 

Oh I almost forgot! It seems too as if everything I see, hear, read is a lead, a clue, a signpost, it’s truly exhilarating.

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Have a great Sunday, xo Jane

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…

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