‘The Artist’s Way’ – Book Review

‘The Artist’s Way’ – Book Review

I’m about a third of the way through reading a book I’ve been meaning to read a few years now, ‘The Artist’s Way’ A Course in Discovering and Recovering your Creative Soul, by Julia Cameron. My thoughts on this can be summed up in three words, ‘buy it immediately,’ or in many, as follows…

This book is for everyone, don’t be scared off by the title. It’s not only for those who would call themselves artists or even creative.

I believe anyone who feels blocked, something missing, or in need of healing in their lives would find it helpful. But if you are one of the zillions who feel you would like to write, paint, do something creative but think you can’t/haven’t time/aren’t good enough/are too old/are not creative enough/don’t know how/ would feel foolish or are secretly better than those of us doing it then you HAVE to get this book, you must.

As a test ask yourself, do you have the thought that won’t go away? That you would like to do something creative or take your creativity to the next level? If the answer is yes, then buy it immediately.

artists way

Why so sure? Easy, because I have experienced everything she describes and can testify it worked for me. Life changed, healing, the whole nine yards, through creativity.

Of my own volition I have come through this process and come out the other side. The value of this book for me at this stage is community, the shared experience. I find myself nodding in joy of recognition and agreement, plus there is always something new to learn and better, to recognise. It’s those moments of, I know this feeling! I’ve experienced this! This is how I feel! That makes sense! Don’t you just love those?

I had to wonder if I’d found ‘The Artist’s Way’ at the beginning or before my journey would I have embraced it so openly? Followed the guidelines? I think I would have felt it true but no doubt there are things would have hindered my getting the most of it.

Isolation I think was the big one. I felt completely alone in my feelings and that was always a hindrance for me. I suppose that’s why I feel compelled to encourage others. I want to say to you who would buy this book hopefully, you’re instinct is right and, you are not so isolated as you think.

If you have a calling to artistry you know deep down because the voice is always with you on some level. Is it with you?

“Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about… say yes quickly, if you know, if you’ve known it from before the beginning of the universe.”

Artist not found despite google search etc. Please let me know if you know who the artist is so I can give credit, thank you.

So much of this book has struck a chord I’m sure I will write more about it. You see now I’ve made it across I want to help others.

Chat to you soon, Jane xox

Have you read ‘The Artists Way’? What did you think?

‘Soon enough you will be a bridge that will allow others to cross over from self-doubt into self-expression.’ 

‘Your own healing is the greatest message of hope for others.’

The Artists Way by Julia Cameron

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4 thoughts on “‘The Artist’s Way’ – Book Review”

  • Hi Jane, your posts are great. Really inspiring. I have the Artists Way and found the 3 paragraphs quite challenging. but a friend told me even write blah blah for 3 pages to try and unleash something. I think its great, my greatest difficulty is procrastination, and I think that comes out of fear, but anyway the clouds are clearing and I agree its a great book. Well done you and keep up the good work. Mary

    • That’s great Mary, it’s so hard I think at the beginning but I believe anyone who persists will be glad they persisted. Thank you as always and good luck with the writing

  • Hi Jane,
    i bought the book and, as usual, glanced through it then placed it lovingly on the shelf… A couple of years later i saw another woman with the book, diligently underlining passages and I had to share my admiration. She was facilitating the course and booked me on to her next one!That was 5 years ago. I am now living in the house in the country I put together in a collage exercise. It helped me on many levels – to open up to different experiences and to trust my gut. I loved it! I think you are the perfect candidate and will love it. I needed a group as I would never have done it alone. (I have yet to cultivate willpower ). On another note, you were a bit down after your visit to the doc. Don’t be too hard on yourself – it’ll take time. Been there, done that and ended up in hospital. You are a wonderful mother, wife and champion blogger, but your body’s telling you to take it easy. Take heed- more of that birdsong and you WILL get better. (Not meant as bossy advice, just shared experience.) take care of yourself, lots of love, Marian xxxxxxx

    • What an intriguing story Marian! I do believe this book is a way to unblock and be more creative but I’ve done that so what I’m enjoying now is more seeing my experience reflected back through the book and being able to let others know. Reinforcing the message I suppose. You’re right about my feeling down, and you’ve been through this too! I hate that it’s taking so long and no end in sight, trying to agree with the slow down message, no choice really as I’m not physically able to do much but still finding it hard to deal with mentally. Thanks for the kind words, support and encouragement, especially as two days into the holidays I feel I might kill someone! 🙂

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