The Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table

I have two favourite actors, Clint Eastwood and James Stewart.  I’m sure you’re wondering what that has to do with the kitchen table but bear with me!  

This image from one of my all time favourite movie’s Shenandoah starring the wonderful, the passionate, James is the one that always comes to mind when I think of this oh so great western (I also have a weakness for westerns I’m afraid, indulge me!)

There is something that always gets me about a family around a table and if the kitchen is the heart of the home then the table is the heart of the action!

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

This is one area where movies get real, the table is where it all happens, where you hear what everyone really thinks, where simmering thoughts come to the fore, requests are worked up to and made, plans are laid and sometimes when life gets busy its the only place where everyone comes together, if only for a short time.

The Family Stone, another great family & Christmas movie !

If you’re like me you have childhood memories of sitting a long time at the kitchen table over (in my case) cold potatoes you refused to eat, of all the best teases, put downs and laughs happening here as well as fighting back tears, not being on speakers with one sibling or another, taking sides, working up to announcements and questions, could you go here, there or to the next disco and making your case!

Another Family & Christmas favourite, ‘Meet me in St Louis’…

Whether its the play house your Mother made for you on a rainy day, the huts you made in the fields and woods, the great treehouse your Dad built, your first student flat or your forever family home it’s great fun gathering everything  you need together, making things cosy, its great fun setting up a home and by far the most important part of that process is the upturned box or sawn off log, the kitchen table!

When we chose our kitchen table at Vobe Interiors, Carrick on Shannon I remember sitting at each of the chairs in turn and imagining a future of birthdays, Christmasses and everyday life with family young and old and with those not yet born but hoped for.  

The table had six chairs but could easily accomodate eight and if we pushed it up to the island we could fit that old table on the end and well then we could easily fit the whole family or a large party of friends when need be!

Sometimes now when I’m cleaning or laying the table and I see the wear and tear of just five years I think about that moment in Vobe and of all that has happened since, of loved ones no longer with us and delightful new additions who quite rightly never think about anything so daft as the kitchen table!  Not yet anyway : )

Saoirse, Christmas 2011

2 thoughts on “The Kitchen Table”

  • So true Jane, have my table 14 yrs now and u should see the state of it but if furniture could talk it would be able to tell some wonderful tales. Makes me think twice about replacing it!

  • My son (now 25) carved a union jack with a knife on my brand new artisan made kitchen table, I nearly killed him at the time, but now all these years later, I’m actually very fond of it! I’ve decided I love wear & tear, that’s why antiques are more interesting than brand new too! I’m afraid Jane, I’ve always had a soft spot for spaghetti westerns, so I understand your love of westerns!

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