The Secret to Living Your (Creative) Life’s Potential.

The Secret to Living Your (Creative) Life’s Potential.

What is the secret to living your life’s potential? Your creative potential in particular. We know that creativity has the power to make every aspect of life better but it remains one of the great human mysteries. Despite this, creativity is available to anyone at any age. For certain, it would be nice if we were given the tools while young. If we had examples, or the environment, to support and awaken our particular creative leanings.

But most of us don’t/didn’t have that. We’re not given the tools, regardless of interest or aptitude. But we can create that environment for ourselves, and our children, anytime we want.

You can have a more creative existence AND start living your potential at any age. But there’s a secret to it…

The secret is you have to imagine that your life, your choices, can be different to that you were reared with, conditioned by, that surrounds you still…

You have to be able to imagine a different path, in the absence of helpful things like real life examples, know-how, or even self-esteem.

YOU can become the example, for yourself and others. You can develop the know-how, the self-esteem, on your own.
By seeing more in you,
by doing the work,
by the power of ONE.

And it feels good let me tell you, with more power than gold.

If you’ve ever had the thought or said the words…

‘I think I could/would have been good at…’ past tense.

Then you’re both right and wrong.
This is how we wither,
when the play is too small.

When our line of sight is smaller than what we are capable of, and should be doing. And you can break that pattern right now, today.

xo Jane

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