The Weekend in Food

The Weekend in Food

It was a weekend of mixed fortunes in food…

It all started on Saturday with my escape to Carrick on Shannon and my friend Niamh O’Connell’s house for some great food, wine and chat, lucky me!  Niamh used to work for me at The Shaylyn Centre, as I already said, lucky me: )

The food was absolutely gorgeous, we had Roasted Pear and Parma Ham with Goats Cheese and Toasted Pine nuts followed by a Hake & Prawn Gratin (a Nevin Maguire recipe) and finally a choice of dessert, chocolate brownie or cheese board!

Sorry to disappoint the sweet tooth’s but for me cheese always comes first……second…and last.  Thank you Niamh : )

Sunday dawned fuzzy but happy so I got busy decorating my baterie de cuisine with dried hydrangea heads, berries and assorted leaves.  I change it to suit each season but I keep the fairy lights all year…

My plan was to make Potato Cakes with Blue Cheese and Crispy Bacon.  I don’t have a formal recipe for this it’s just basically cold  mashed potato mixed with crumbled blue cheese and a handful of flour (snipped chives is a good addition or use instead of the cheese if you prefer) shape into balls, flatten and fry till golden crispy as per this rather fetching collage….I just learned how to do these and very proud of myself!

But something is missing from this picture?

Has anyone spotted what it is?

Well if you cast your eye back there you will see I promised Potato Cakes with Blue Cheese & Crispy Bacon………ahem…

Yes that is correct………I burnt the bacon : /  I ate a piece all the same, it was still ‘mapley’, so sad.  I know you appreciate the tiny image : )

As if this wasn’t enough I also put too much cheese in my potato cakes, burned the pan, binned the first batch, duly added more flour and let me tell you, mothering, cooking, decorating and blogging is hard work!

So that was my weekend of mixed fortunes in food, maybe I should have looked up a recipe……..nah!

Sadhbh in her first shoes forgives me no matter what I do, right Sadhbh?……….Don’t answer that baba !

Here’s to a great week for us all without any disasters!

7 thoughts on “The Weekend in Food”

  • Yeah !! So happy to see a collage on your blog. That means it worked and that means huge progress and lots of fun ahead. Seems like you managed well and it paid off !! looks great ! 😉

  • Ok, Yum to food cooked by someone else. And I think I might suggest the name Niamh to the other parent of my belly baby. Your little girl is so little. I put an egg in my potato pancakes. And, if you spread the bacon on a rimmed cookie sheet or at least foil rim it. 350 degrees for maybe 15 minutes and you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done this sooner.
    Love, Shalagh


    • Shalagh I would have done exactly as you say but had run out of foil! I think the main problem was I was trying to do too many things at the same time…

  • Hi Jane,

    Love the look and color of your blog! I just returned from a ten-day trip to Ireland and know why your chose the name! Your girls are just lovely 🙂

    Hope to see you in the BYW forums.

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