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Tour our Home

Tour our Home

Welcome to our Irish country home, an ode to creative expression and elevated living. I live here with my husband Adrian, our children Shaylyn, Saoirse, Sadhbh, and our cat Ernest Hemingway. I hope you enjoy it…

house tour lanehouse tour house ext
house flowersbook windowhouse tour hall ceiling house tour me and girls in hall

house tour hall doorlhall

house tour hall to kitchen house tour stovespiral best

My favourite view is to the kitchen side of the house, it used to be my grandparents house, now it’s my uncle Tommy’s…
nannies house

A lot has gone down around this table… 

house tour kit girlssmeghouse tour table by fire in kit

As you can see, it gets moved around a lot…
House tour set table
house tour kit tablejane in kitchen

Before we leave the kitchen… a peak at the utiility room… shelving from Ikeahouse tour utility


Let’s leave the kitchen now…
house tour green kit

Cross the hall…house tour party

To the sitting room… art prints by Itzchak Tarkay bought on our honeymoon

Janes paintings - that curious love of green housesitting roomThat Curious Love of Green Blog -Home of Jane Gilheaney Barry

The downstairs bathroom… 

deco facehouse tour bathroomdeco windowglamorous bathroom

The girls bedroom… 
girls room

Home Office… 

office best

Our bedroom… 


Our ensuite bathroom, pics coming soon! Here’s a sneak peek, our tiles…


That’s all for now… I’ll have more to add soon, I need to take more photographs!


And my view from that bench by the roses and front door is this… often covered in low lying mist, sign of a fairy path…house tour field in mist

Thanks for dropping by for my house tour. I hope you enjoyed it, if you have any questions feel free to ask,  xo Jane
Christmas Kitchen - Home of Jane Gilheaney Barry house in winter


 Jane Gilheaney Barry is a Writer, Stylist, Creativity Expert, Founder & Curator of That Curious Love of Green.  Currently seeking representation for her first novel she will also publish her first eBook on Creativity in August 2017. 

In a past life Jane worked as a model and pr before starting her own Public Relations and Business Consulting Company specialising in arts project design and development, plus business coaching, start-up’s and mentoring.

For eleven years she led a ground breaking traditional performing arts company and show she founded, designing and delivering four major arts and culture based projects worth a combined investment of over 750,000 euro in Ireland’s North West region.

Jane lives in Ballinamore, Co Leitrim, Ireland with her husband and three children.

You can contact Jane via email to 


35 thoughts on “Tour our Home”

  • A beautiful home. You are very lucky. But two questions.
    Who plays the piano?
    How do you manage to keep it looking so nice? Our house is much smaller with just one small person and most of the time it looks like a disaster zone!

    • Thank you David, I am extremely lucky. Sadly no one plays the piano, yet! I’m hoping to learn one day, hoping the girls might learn also. As for looking nice, I take photos when it’s looking nice before it falls apart again! I also tend to shove things behind me for photographs, or, kick them out frame 🙂

      • Phew. That’s a relief. We have a cupboard for when visitors arrive. Not that we put them in, just all the stuff off the floor and other surfaces!
        Me too, with the piano. Olivia is showing musical promise but too young yet. If she takes to it, I might give it a go too. You’re never too old to learn a new skill.

        • Hahaha! Good mental image there! You won’t be surprised that I agree with you on never being too old to learn a new skill. Luckily for me our piano plays itself, it’s electric and manual both, so that will keep us going until I break out musically! 🙂

  • Jane I LOVE it! I designed my house too. We have a lot in common, us two Mrs B’s! But yours is that bit more “arty” if I may say so. Thanks for the tour, and I look forward to the next instalment.

  • I love that round-ish hallway with the walls of books. It’s all so festive and rich: sunny where it needs to be sunny, and special nooks with the intense colors for a bit of mystery. I love the idea of the map on the wall. When one of the girls — or an adult — wonders where in the world something on the news is happening, one can go right there and see it. Thank you for opening your house for the tour. Looking forward to seeing more.

    • Thank you Marilee, you hit the nail on the head on all points there! That’s exactly what we do with the map, my dad and the girls are particular fans! The hall of books is my favourite, plus I like to have that mix of bright and dark you noticed, in colour and mood. 🙂

    • Thank you Joanna! There could easily have been another 150! It was hard to find and then choose the right mix, a slow process but I’m happy it’s done now and happy everyone is enjoying it 🙂

  • Hi Jane, such a lovely home, you can feel it is a happy one. The book area is to die for, the girls room delightful, the driveway and garden just gorgeous, thanks for sharing, I bet you had a ball decorating on a shoe string, and bringing it all together.

  • Love that! I think I saw that ceiling on some FB site before. I love the piano room! Now you have made me think. I love this house, but there is one a few miles away, and 400 feet (about 100 metres) lower, that I have coveted. I know that getting my house and garden back to what I like is a priority for me.
    Moral: Never work twenty years past your man’s retirement, thus leaving him to mess with your house. 🙂

  • O how lovely, Jane! I just called my husband to peek over my shoulder, and told him “This is who has been working with us, in bootcamp”. We both loved every bit of it – thank you for sharing your home with all of us!

  • Jane, you have the most wonderful home! David and I truly enjoyed lingering over the photos. He loves the old stove; I adore the bookcases… he says to tell you we are coming for a visit. :>)

  • Thank you for sharing, Jane. Your collection is lovely, your home beautiful, and it is nice to see you little ones and not so little one. 🙂

  • You are a fairy Jane, angel of Ireland ! This page you opened today is like a summary of the work you have done so far over your house, I would not say over your life because you are keeping us to date with your overall views and windows opening. Itzhak Perlman said that when he is teaching, he is learning. You have the great talent of throwing lines all over the world and I would say that when you are calling, our heart is answering. Christmas soon and a New Year ! May this road of yours ever grow higher as your creative skills are using everything love is offering you !!! Thanks to you !

    • Thank you for such an interesting and lovely comment Dominique, my sister does say I’m a bit of fairy woman so maybe there’s some truth in it! I love that you feel I am ‘throwing lines all over the world’ and teaching while learning. Sounds good to me, xo Jane

  • When can I move in ? I love the shapes and the decor and the bookcase is to die for , everything . Will you use a specialist paint for your stair. This is a project I am thinking about and would be interested to know what you will use . I have just bought a pot of Everlong and have used Annie Sloan in the past .

    • Thanks Ann Marie 🙂 We are not painting the treads, just the spindles/banisters and sides. It’s not specialist, just an interior wood paint 🙂

  • it’s beautiful Jane – cosy, quirky, mysterious, with light and shade – just like you. I wouldn’t get past the hallway. I love all those books. What happy girls, growing up in such a house!!

    We also have a piano ( an oldish “previously-loved” ie 2nd hand one) and a bolshy 15 year old who plays it a lot(often crashing out a piece loudly when we’ve had a disagreement). She’s still going to classes and doing exams but also downloading whatever she likes too. Our 9 year old son’s now
    started too. Anyway, thanks for the viewing – so much fun xxx

  • Jane,

    Your home is beautiful, love the hallway and kitchen, and that bathroom is so luxurious looking. The girls bedroom is really pretty too. I also live in a new home but like it to look country style. Lots of candles and fairy lights throughout the long winter months to create a sense of warmth. I recently decorated my living room but it is a different style altogether

    All things nice…

    • Thanks for dropping by! Nothing like a bit of decorating to give a lift in winter time is there? I love fairy lights, not just for Christmas is my motto 🙂

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