Two go Mad in Ikea & More

Last Sunday Adrian and I spent the day in Ikea. Has anyone ever managed to spend less than a day in Ikea? It was just the two of us so it felt like a date or a holiday and I LOVE Ikea, so much inspiration, I wish it was closer. As it is we only get there about once a year so I try to make it count. I adore exploring all the rooms and seeing all the people making plans.

I’ve been making plans too. This time of year my thoughts turn in to the house, away from the garden. I have hundreds of bulbs that need planting but even with the beautiful weather we’ve been having it is definitely making cosy season.

We’ve been changing rooms and I have at least a billion decorating plans in mind. Our hallway is cavernous and a long time work in progress. It’s hard to make a large space warm and cosy but my bookshelves, plants and pictures help as does the music, the piano that plays itself.

a piano

On this trip we bought these adorabubbles fairy dolls for Sadhbh, rhymes with five and Saoirse, say Sayr-sha and we bought this light shade for the hall. Isn’t it beautiful? I’ve been wanting something large scale for a long time and this is perfect, we are all in love with sore necks from looking up and Sadhbh says ‘goodnight light’ every night.

collage of light and hall

I wouldn’t blame you for being surprised at my ‘modern’ design choice but truthfully I like to mix things up. If I like something I like it. I’m not looking to match or fit anything in. If I love it it’s in. That’s a good rule for having a home you love incidentally. Aah love…

photo (7)

Our other ‘big’ purchase was this stunning canvas based on a work by Gustav Klimt. I’ve been moving it around the bedroom all week, day or night you could meet me with it, trying it that wall or this, and a clock. I can never resist a clock. This one is green and cost only €19. By the way the canvas cost €40 and the light shade cost €65 and yes it was hard to get it up there. Mega ladders and nerves of steel, not mine, required.

clock and klimt collage

‘Hello, just letting you know it’s the season, for pyjamas with feet in’…btw that is another Ikea purchase right there on the stair gate, they’re going in the windows of the room renovation coming next in this post, soon as I figure how best to hang them…

photo (9)

So one of the biggest misconceptions of home decorating is to do with dark rooms of a house. We tend to think that we should go for lighter colours but in fact the opposite is true. Light colours will only look washed out in dark rooms, much better by far to embrace the dark in the dark places. With that in mind our ‘dark’ rooms are painted inky blue, deepest pink and most recently this room in ‘Mean Mustard’ from Crowns vintage range.

gold room

In this room I went for a very warm and cosy atmosphere. Hints of autumn, African colonial style and nature. Trees, plants, wood, wicker, knits , foxes, owls, shades of orange and gold.
green girl collage

PicMonkey Collage

Everything you see came from around the house and/or one of either Heatons, Penneys, Ikea or Tk Maxx. In relation to Ikea I believe the secret of their success to be 1. Great lighting and 2. Doubling or tripling up on items e.g. four bookcases in a row, two or three lamps in row, the extended table and so on coupled with great use of fabric and accessories like picture frames. What do you think? That’s it for now folks, have a great evening, I’ll talk to you soon : )

photo (22)

14 thoughts on “Two go Mad in Ikea & More”

  • The first time we went to Ikea, we were there for 1.45hours, and that included lunch!!! Not my choice, mind, I was whisked through for a”quick look” before a trip to the zoo… We don’t like to do things by half!!needless to say, the next visit, I insisted on a day. Looking forward to the next decoration installment 🙂

    • Oh noooo that’s just not good enough, glad to hear you got more time since and yes there will be more decorating : )

  • Oh Jane your house looks gorgeous, very cozy and homely feel to it from the pictures.
    I was only in Ikea once (we only live about 15 mins away) and I haven’t been again because 1.spent too much and poor legs with all that walking I thought it was never going to end lol! But they do great stuff!

    • Thanks Yaz and oh yes, it’s very hard on the legs and how’s not the time for you to be wearing yourself out but I already walk two miles a day pushing a child in a buggy going mostly uphill so this was way easier by comparison : ) Gosh if i lived 15 minutes away I’d be there all the time!

  • I used to love the IKEA day wanderings. It’s an hour plus away now. I am so happy for you and your decorating inspirations! Lamp is fabulous. Looking forward to seeing it Jane.

  • Love, Love, Love it ALL! I’ve never been in Ikea as Andy knows where his wallet’s danger zones are!! Beautiful purchases and that mustard is beautiful. Can’t wait to see the next inspirational installment. xo

    • Ah thank you Kerry and just think before you know you’ll be able to drive yourself there as will I! It does seem a bit complicated road wise but we could go together for moral support and if we get lost we’ll just ask someone : )

  • Woohoo!! It’ll be a happy day indeed, if not miraculous! Loving the idea of together for moral support. Not to worry about finding our way about, Andy’s fixing me up with AA Breakdown and a Tom Tom sat nav, to try and cover all eventualities! 🙂
    Mind you if I visit that Foxy cushion might well be missing! xo

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