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Morning all and happy first Monday after the time change, woohoo! I’m so happy about this development, bright mornings and evenings… I love you.

Since last we spoke I’ve passed the 66,000 word mark in my novel, divided it into 32 chapters and finished with the first 13. I’m making my way through from start to finish forcing myself to fill gaps as I go. Once I finish with a chapter I don’t go back so this means the first 13 chapters of the first draft are done, finito. 13 done 19 to go…

In other news I’ve been seriously considering shutting down the blog and blog fb page this past week. I think it happens all bloggers at one time or another. It just goes with the territory but here I am, still blogging for now at least.

I’ve been nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award.  It’s not a real award rather a fun blogging version of receiving a chain letter which tells you that someone is reading your ramblings.

There are a few rules associated with The Versatile Blogger award.  These are:

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
Share 7 random facts about yourself. 
Then pass on the award to 13 other versatile bloggers (who may carry it on if they wish, it’s entirely optional)

So first things first, thank you Wonderful Wagon for the nomination.

Seven random things about me…well let’s see now

1. I broke a mans hand in Morocco

Whaaat? I know, but it wasn’t on purpose…

I was getting out of a taxi in a busy street in Tetuoan. The car was swamped with people. I closed the door as you do, not realising a man had put his hand in the jam of the door while chatting the driver. I soon found out though. We wanted to get the taxi to bring him to a doctor but he refused, he wanted money so that’s what we gave him.

2. I’ve crossed the Alps and the Atlas mountains

Both were incredible, one covered with snow and the other with low lying clouds, red sky, orange ground, both a bit frightening, both ethereal.

3. I have a flair for semiotics  and linguistics. I had a module in these as part of  a Communications course years ago. I couldn’t explain a thing about it but was top of the class and still have an interest.

Semiotics is the study of meaning-making. This includes the study of signs and sign processes, indication, designation, likeness, analogy, metaphor, symbolism, signification, and communication

Linguistics is the scientific study of language

4. In spite of this flair for language that also extends to spelling and reading/translating languages I don’t speak, I can’t say ‘vocabulary’. It’s a mental block or something.

5. I don’t know what jealously feels like. I don’t understand or know what it feels like but have every other emotion on speed dial to make up for it.

5. I was never popular with the boys but my Dad used to say ‘they’ll get sense yet’ Thanks Dad : )

6. I was sick a fair bit as a child and in and out of hospital. It wasn’t nice but way better than school.

7. I lived a bohemian life one summer in Athens, Greece. I was there on a modelling contract with two other Irish girls in serviced apartments. We shared the building with other models from around the world plus a great smattering of refugees, prostitutes and artists. The shared tv area in reception was a colourful place.

We spent our days in the baking hot city going from one casting audition to the next, lost mainly, our nights at glamourous parties and our weekends in the country or by the sea at the homes of our agents. We did no washing, cooking or cleaning. We never paid to go anywhere, every club, every drink was free to us as models. The other two girls had summer romances, not me, I was much too wary of the men but I loved the place and people, and the food. I considered staying (one of the girls did) but I came home and went to college.

I lost touch with the people over time, days bfb, before facebook. I often wonder how they’re faring now since the economic downturn especially our agent Yiannis, one of the nicest people I ever met.

That was fun, I could have kept going but without further ado my nominations for a versatile blogger award are as follows. Click the names to visit each one. Have a great week : )

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8 thoughts on “Versatile Blog Awards”

  • Fascinating facts! I was going to say ‘especially #1’ but really they are all fascinating. Thanks for the nomination. I might not continue the nominations but I usually find a reason to link to your blog anyway. I don’t know your reasons behind considering not blogging anymore so feel free to ignore my thoughts on the subject: 1. If you leave your blog/FB page alone for a while you can think about what you want to do and they’ll be there waiting either way, 2. You may feel differently when you have finished your novel, 3. It is unlikely you will just want to stop and not keep writing and it might just turn out that you’d be able to continue to use the same FB page because you already use it to share things other than your blog posts. Exhausted after this comment yet?

    • Thanks Joanna : ) and all good points. I’m sure it’s just a phase. I just want to concentrate on the book these days and there’s few enough things I can cut out to do that, blogging and sleep at this stage and I barely sleep as it is! I’m already blogging less to give more time to the book so will keep going like that for the meantime…

  • You BROKE someone’s hand????? How cool! I also loved reading about your bohemian summer. That was definitely cool. I too have the odd thought about stopping as well. Then something encouraging happens and I get sucked right back in.

    • Ya hahaha! It is one of those things that are cool looking back! Was MAD at the time, like a scene from a movie, his fingers were totally flat! And then there was the crowd milling around us jabbering away. Actually I remember my leaving cert french came in very handy for communicating in Morocco. It’s amazing what you remember when you have to! Your’re probably right about the blog, I need a sign from the universe or something : )

  • You are so funny. How I do think of you Jane and your grindstone-istic diligence. You don’t worry about that FB page, it’ll be there. And this blog, we are subscribed, not going anywhere. Post once a week and we’ll be here. But wow, you thought of me with your mock awards and I am flattered. Beyond even. So, Yay! for your amazing writing accomplishments! And for being able to bring up random facts about your life that make you an even more fascinating woman than you were two minutes ago.
    Love to you Dear Jane and your lovelies,

  • Great blog Jane.
    Really enjoyed reading through your random facts and very chuffed you thought to nominate me!

    As the others have said, maybe take a break from the blog while your concentrating on reaching the end of the novel?

    I think your blog is a work of art and would hate to see it go but I understand the demands on your time must be huge at the moment.

    Take care xx

  • Super entertaining Post as per Jane. I laughed out loud at the man’s hand in Morocco, as for your aptitude for Semiotics & Linguistics, I didn’t understand the explanation underneath never mind the title! 🙂 As has already been said, We, your readers love the Blog and we love you and will always be here. If we CLOG (oh I’ve just realised what the blogs first letters make, CLOG, is a lovely word) followers get withdrawals we’ve got your lovely Archives to work through! All the best xo

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