Welcome In December…

Hello out there I hope your Monday is going well?  Mine is going great!  This is because after weeks of lingering colds and other ills I feel semi healthy and everyone else seems semi healthy too, hurray!

We had a lovely weekend with the toy show on Friday, Christmas present shopping on Saturday and then to top it all off our friends Caoilfhionn and Sean had us all over for a lovely cosy dinner of delicious roast duck followed by the most amazing panna cotta with caramel sauce.

I’m not usually a dessert fan but this was really gorgeous (thanks again you guys!). Aside from the great food and company our children are the same ages so play happily together plus I got handed my dinner!  No cooking or cleaning!  I can’t think of a better way to spend a winters evening and usher in the lovely month of December : )

Today I’ve started my Christmas decorating which means the whole house is a state, except the kitchen mantelpiece which is done…for now…tweaking aside!

 I’ve put the stockings a bit higher this year out of reach for little hands…

I like traditional decorations and colours, lots of green, red, gold and natural materials…

I’ll be adding fresh holly and ivy from the fields closer to Christmas.  I love the contrast of colours and textures here, especially the stone…

I would describe my Christmas decorating style or theme as a mix of Traditional, Fairytale and Vintage.  Here you will find lots of characters under enchantment plus random bits and bobs, toys, ribbons, crockery, jewellery…Anything pretty, whimsical or romantic gets drafted.

My sitting room, if ever I get that far is more of a luxe fairytale, more dramatic, the kitchen more rustic.

Do you have a preferred ‘theme’ or ‘style’ when it comes to Christmas decorating?  I’ll be posting more about my adventures in decorating in the weeks ahead but also about food, entertaining, traditions and what Christmas means to me : )

4 thoughts on “Welcome In December…”

  • Off to the races. The boxes are about to be hauled out. And I have to set aside time for crafting something new for the decorations. I have a thing for the old music and book pages. The shop picture I featured recently had ornaments I want to try my own twist on. I get in moods. Your daughter is so yummy in that picture. And I’m so jealous of your dinner and shopping. Hey, I got the reordered Christmas cards back though. They’re perfect. I’ll be sending one your way.

  • This is all so beautiful. I do nothing! I put up the artificial tree recently and added the lights and decorations that came with it. My children have now taken every decoration off the tree so now it looks more pathetic than ever! I do bring in Holly though, closer to the time.

    • Thanks Joanna, I let the children ‘decorate’ the tree so I know what you mean but the mantels are strictly off limits…plus no one can reach them
      : )

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