What a Difference a Day Makes…

What a Difference a Day Makes…

Dear readers, it’s evening. I’m writing outside to the sound of birds and…birds, and that’s it. All around me the trees have turned shadowy black, the grass is gone cold but the air is still sweet and there’s heat in the walls of the house at my back. it’s summers last dance,  our last chance to know it, for we only get so many summers, don’t blow it.

Yesterday I found the following quote from Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing. The words, her expression, WOW…


Right there and then I decided to paint.

Conditions were far from ideal, ok impossible but that’s what she said, she said ‘The conditions are always impossible.’ A very true and therefore freeing statement.

Now I don’t know if I’m meant to paint but I’ve been wanting to since the June Art Challenge and haven’t yet, can you believe that? I spent nearly forty years thinking about writing and painting. Finally at 39 I get my act together, jeez! Start a blog, write a novel, as you do, and then out of the blue take a 30 day public art challenge with no clue what I’m at and BOOM, I’m painting.

At the time I thought I would keep it up after the challenge but didn’t. There was always something else and plus did I tell you it’s frightening, still, and not as important as writing I think or my book but…it won’t go away, I still want it.

‘And I want to do it outside,’ I said to myself, out I went, it was dinnertime, people cried. The wooden easel thingy from Lidl wouldn’t stand up for me, I had to keep going back in the house to get stuff and do things and solve this and that, feed the cat… on it went like that.

Ready for action at last I stood hot and breathless, staring at a blank page for absolute ages while all around me little people painted fearlessly blue unicorns, vermillion skies, my shoes, the decking and I realised, I was afraid.

I remembered what Emily from The Nest advised. She said just to experiment with colour, not try to paint anything so I did that and it was kind of mad and interesting and then I thought flowers, I’ll have a go at my wildflowers. So I started yesterday evening and do you know it saved me from an average day and the more I did the more I noticed the birds, the lovely evening, I think I relaxed.

Inspired I decided to cancel today.

I scheduled my fb posts so there’d be no computer, spent the whole day and had all meals outside, lay down on a blanket and looked at the sky, the girls painted, I painted, sat down on a blanket and looked at the trees, talked, didn’t talk, gave out hugs, read a poem, watched a bee, had a nap, read a book, made some notes, played with stones, felt relaxed, wrote a blog, with the moon, in the dark.

Thank you Doris…

art flower1



bottles of paint

photo 5 (54)
Never noticed how much green I wear until starting this blog…it’s embarrassing now. Long skirt, 99 cent from Penneys, yep, for real.

art collage gardenblue sky

dark blog night
The dark snuck up on me, lovely warm night out there…


8 thoughts on “What a Difference a Day Makes…”

  • “I decided to cancel today.” I love it!

    Then again, you didn’t really cancel it, you LIVED it… and as Robert Frost said “that has made all the difference”.

    • Isn’t it ironic. I give up on trying to do anything other than paint and end up painting, getting this post done and already the girls are asking when can we do it again. Your’re on the ball early today Marian, I just dropped in thinking to add a line about the sensory value of the day, the idea that if your’re not really moved by music or nature for example you need to try harder. It was better than a day at the spa 🙂

  • Loved what you painted Jane.

    Yup – literally walking through fear makes us brave and what a delight your day became with your daughters. It will be a memory in their life treasure chest and yours.

    Looks like another great day – paint now and everything else [including social media] will and can wait.

    Doing what energises and engages you is the point of being alive.

    xxx Liz

    • So true what you say about how ‘walking through fear makes us brave’ and doing what energises and engages is the point of being alive. I couldn’t agree more. Thank you Liz

  • Yet another giddy-enducing post, I really needed to read that quote. I think you have just tuned into my head this September 🙂 LOVE that painting. You are just (I know you are told constantly!) *inspirational* x

    • I needed it too! Isn’t it wonderful. Delighted to hear I’ve turned your head and made you giddy, the inspirational tag is lovely too, thank you 🙂

  • I loved that painting when I saw it in my FB feed. Now you (and Doris – god I love that quote) have inspired me, just when I really need it. Thank you Jane.

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