What is a House?

What is a House?

What is a house? To me a house is a place of unparalleled freedom.

I’m lucky I’ve felt this about every space I’ve ever lived in. From renting and sharing to owning, with debt of course, so what. Keep moving.

They can’t tell you how to decorate, how to ‘be’ in that space. Let your mind romp and express yourself. Paint the walls like I did, with a scrunched up plastic bag and watered down paint, or find your own way.

Potter… pottering’s great.

Don’t bother with clothes if you don’t want. Bras at least should be banned.


Have people over, read in the bath and late at night, have plants. Talk to them. Dream.
Write something.

Stick pictures you like on the wall.
Move things around,
Drink delicious things,
Play music, loud.
Dance, anywhere, but especially on the table.

Wherever you are be all there.
Not money but you.

Now here’s the most important part… Know that if you left or lost this space, this house or room or flat or tent or ditch, it wouldn’t matter a damn. Why?

Because it’s you silly! It’s all of it nothing without you. And you bring you wherever you go, always remember that.

The best and most interesting thing about any space, any home, and any art, is the person behind it. That’s what people are interested in. There’s only ever one essential ingredient, that’s you. Let your living space express it.


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