What would you say to your younger self?

What would you say to your younger self?

I keep seeing this question everywhere so I thought I’d give it a go and scribbled down a few pointers last night. I imagined myself about six, one year into school life.

  1. The world will adapt.
  2. Your’re right, being older will be better for you.
  3. There’s nothing wrong with being sensitive. Something like 15 to 20 per cent of the population, male and female are HSP’s, highly sensitive people. You feel things more deeply than other people but that includes all the good things in life, like music. You can’t change it or ‘toughen up’ THANK goodness! Read ‘5 Gifts of Being Highly Sensitve’ and ‘The World Needs Highly Sensitive People.’
  4. Your’re right, school is a waste of time for you, pay no attention to it.
  5. Your’re not an outsider your’re an introvert. Nothing wrong with that either. Read ‘23 Signs You’re Secretly An Introvert.’ 
  6. Your’re an artist, yes really! Not necessarily a painter, I know that’s what you think of as an artist now but you know that writing, storytelling, drawing, reading and dancing you love to do? Listen to me very carefully, this is so important, focus on those things. Even though there’s no classes, no summer camps, no mentors, just keep doing it yourself, you can’t do enough, never stop. 
  7. Pity the bullies.
  8. Your’re smart, kind and beautiful
  9. The future is bright.
  10. Trust the process 
  11. I love you
SKMBT_C28413121010520_0001 (1)
L to R My sister Brenda and I aged 4 & 5 : )

Here’s a test you can do to help determine if you or your child is a Highly Sensitive Person. One of my children is and knowing this has helped me to support her in ways I would never have understood before. Click HERE

It took me almost forty years to learn some of these and many more things about myself but I’m glad I have. It means I can more than ever catch, question and sometimes understand, even forgive myself, my thoughts, feelings and actions.

I think knowing yourself makes you stronger, more open to growth, to change, and maybe sometimes you help others too.

Thoughts?  What would you say to your younger self? Do you know what makes you tick? Why you do the things you do? Why you are the way you are at the moment?

Have a great day out there 🙂

4 thoughts on “What would you say to your younger self?”

  • I would tell myself to stop worrying so much, everything works out eventually, not always the way you planned, but it works out..

    • Darn it, I should have included that! It’s so true. You wish you could assure people, especially young people just how true it is.

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