What’s In a Name? – TCLOG – A Global, Creative Lifestyle Brand

What’s In a Name? – TCLOG – A Global, Creative Lifestyle Brand

When I started TCLOG I wasn’t consciously building a brand, I wanted a project, and I wanted to write, to write a book especially. But a brand has grown, and continues to grow exponentially…  It’s become a global, creative, lifestyle brand. It’s part you,  part me, and is what we know as That Curious Love of Green

But That Curious Love of Green means different things to different people and the time has come to define, to some extent, after all I don’t want to limit!

What I do want is to gather your impressions, your experience, your descriptions of TCLOG, blend them with mine and better create the experience.

After all, even the wildest, the most verdant garden needs some care if it’s going to thrive long term. This is me, taking care of That Curious Love of Green. So today I’m asking for your input, as my friends, artists, co-designers, co-creators, and dreamers of this space…

What do you think of when you hear the name ‘That Curious Love of Green’ or TCLOG as it’s also become known?

While the name exists objectively, the ‘brand’ only exists in our minds… How does it exist in your mind, what have you found here, and what would you like to find more of?

Please let me know in comments here, or on FB if you prefer, and everyone who takes part will be entered into a hat for a chance to win a book from my bookshelves 🙂

xo Jane

I tidied the bookshelves, what a job! And I painted the door a light grey/blue we had in the house. The little red press I've had about 20 years...

15 thoughts on “What’s In a Name? – TCLOG – A Global, Creative Lifestyle Brand”

  • Jane,
    OK. It’s very good as it is. You’re definitely doing a LOT right.
    There are small changes I would make (mostly typeface things) if it was mine, but that’s personal and I may be out-voted. Keep it personal and avoid design by committee – it could get very messy!
    TCLOG is fine for typing quickly but must never become the name.
    The site is still loading slowly (sometimes painfully). Perhaps it’s a bandwidth/provider issue that may need upgrading or moving the whole site to a faster host. I can suggest, but I’m sure you have plenty of options.
    That’s all for now, but I may think of more.


    • Thanks so much David, I appreciate the feedback, I’m afraid the tech side of things is a bit beyond me and my budget right now. I’d be delighted to hear your suggestions? I can assure you TCLOG will never become the name! It’s purely a nickname! And yes I will indeed keep it personal not committee based. Please do let me know your typeface and other thoughts. Thanks again, Jane

  • I think of it in its full length, not in initials. There is no problem loading the website where I am, that may be a regional problem and not a website problem.

    I confess that I see the FB page more than I visit the website.

    The name different connotations for me. There is a link to Ireland but also something mystical. I think that comes because you keep it personal to what you like yet it is filled with your choices of art, your photos and bits of writing.

    Can you keep it in that format even though it is growing bigger as it seems to be working – so far. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it springs to mind.

    I guess the global part really comes in through the Bootcamps and Salon and I wouldn’t have missed being part of those. You’ve created a wonderful supportive, creative community just by putting it out there and moderating a bit, or a lot, that is unseen.

    The trip to Dublin showed us the amazing “click” we have not only on line but in the flesh.

    I guess the question is really how do you want to progress it, continuing as it is or have you something pulling you. I’d hate it to become a pressured goldfish bowl, it is now relaxed with the room for fun and banter as well as support on many levels for those who need it.

    I find it truly amazing.

    • Thank you Anne, very helpful. It’s never going to be ‘a pressured goldfish bowl’ I can assure your of that. And it will retain all those good things you mention. As to how I want to progress it that’s a case of wanting it, and me, to live our potential, to grow, improve, have new adventures, all those kinds of things! You see most of the time I go along and let it all go/grow organically, but every now and then I like to stop, review, take stock. I think you have to do that to keep things fresh, and even to justify all the work that goes into it. Also, if I didn’t do that I’d never have started the bootcamps or salon. I guess I don’t want to travel aimlessly, I like clarity, focus, and goals! Part of that is hearing how readers/members feel so I really value your thoughts and input. Thanks for taking the time, xo Jane

  • Hello, Jane! 🙂

    I was originally drawn to the page simply by the name, green being my favorite color. TCLOG for me, is about appreciating visual and written beauty. That that was my initial experience, anyway.

    Of course, October Bootcamp changed my life, as you know. (All our lives, I think.) I have found far more than just another pretty social media page. Support, acceptance, understanding…motivation to DO the thing, the writing. It exists in my mind as family…a tribe, a village, community. A warm and welcoming gathering of like minded individuals who all have our hearts in the right place. There’s no snobbery or oneupmanship going on…no jealousy. Just friends, sitting at the big table in the corner…talking, sharing, laughing.

    I can’t think of anything I’d change or want more of.

    As to the technical, as David mentioned, I have insanely fast fiber optic service and have no problems. It’s all instantaneous, so maybe it is a service provider thing.

    • Thank you Kim! That’s an amazing review, plus food for thought ‘not just another pretty social media page’ is pretty hot in itself! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time xox

  • I access from Facebook and I would say that the brand, for me, represents an expansion of artistic awareness. I am new to the creative game and love the enlightenment the page brings. For some reason I have never been able to sign up to receive notifications by email, but other than that, I love being part of the page and the community.

    • Wow! ‘Represents an expansion of artistic awareness’ I love that Karen. Thank you for taking the time to ponder and comment, I appreciate it. I don’t know why you can’t follow by email though, I will have to look into that, xo Jane

  • I discovered the TCLOG Facebook page first – I will probably never be able to remember which of my friends shared it along, that wonderful day in late September. I clicked the link, read, clicked “LIKE” and then… you announced Creativity Bootcamp starting in October.

    To say it was a life-saver for me is not any exaggeration at all. Here was a community of Creatives from all over the world, coming together to support and encourage one another. And then you opened the Salon – Bliss. Heaven.


    I love it as it is – my soft arm-chair by the fire and the mug with my name on it. I look out the window of the Salon to peek at your blog and FB page now and again, reveling in the lovely images and the words that make me look at life from new perspectives. I need it in my quiet days, and I feel that this group will help me finally find my road to who I’m supposed to be.

    I don’t know if any of this helps, but that is what TCLOG is for me. (And I usually think of it by its full name, not the acronym – or just “My Creatives” or “Tribe”.)

    • Aw Jules, that is just fabulous, thank you for being a part of it all and for taking the time to write xox

  • Hi Jane
    Firstly, I think of where you live and go a little green with envy. But mostly I think about the greens of growth and expansion of the mind and spirit, like layer upon layer of experience and emotion that add depth to the creative character in anyone open to the adventure. I think that’s what you are encouraging in others with your openness and your explorations. And sometimes it’s just nice to know there are other people in the world who care about the souls out there they’ve never met on this physical plain. With what is going on right now in my country (these awful elections) opening up your blog is like the clouds parting after days of roiling clouds. Thank you.

    • Wow! This is so beautifully written and gives so much food for thought, thank you Marilee, you have stunned me and I really appreciate it. Would you mind if I shared on my FB page? And if not then what name should I use? xo Jane

  • That Curious Love of Green is a playful, intriguing name that represents your personality and the organic nature of your work, which is a growing, healthy vine — Jack and the Beanstalk’s vine, I think, going up to meet giants and defeat them.

    I don’t have any recommendations for change; I really love this space. It’s how I found you.

  • Hello Jane!

    The words “curious”, “love”, and “green” all work together for me to merge into a hidden path that not everyone are able to appreciate fully. The curiosity keeps it all free and open and tinged with awe and laughter. Love brings it to a deeper level, beyond casualness and shallow interest, takes it to the spaces of passion. Green connotes for me many things — green in all its beautiful shades of nature, forests, even the sea, and also the magical landscapes that I have longed to visit. The Irish green, I have to admit, has a personal pull because I have always been drawn to the lore and myths of those lands.

    I love the theme that runs through the blog and the page, I love the true sense of community. And I believe, and I remember, that what “sealed the deal” for me for TCLOG, was your generous response to everyone who shared your passions. You conversed, you commented, but you knew the right mix of it, never too much and never too little, and you were always kind and encouraging and inspiring and constructive. You are present but never intrusive, noticeable but not annoying — I have done brand work for many many years and this is a hard formula to get. Most brands just become caricatures of themselves, or become so wrapped up with being a brand. You and TCLOG have so far managed not to become that — thank goodness! 🙂

    This is all that comes to me now. I’ll add when something else comes up. ^_^ Spectacular work, Jane! <3

  • Your journey is inspiring. You gently encourage others, knowing how much of a push to give. I like when posts come up on the facebook feed. Anything that comes up is either pretty, inspiring, thought provoking, or maybe even sad, but its life. I participated lightly in the last bootcamp. It was a magically place, full of encouragement. A kind place. I love the name of the blog. I think personally it has evolved and will continue to evolve itself. Finally the word I would use is hope. I love the quote in the Shawshank Redemption from Andy Dufrane. ” Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” Hope that maybe there is a book in me, or I could unleash some creativity or that everyone has hard times and its life and as long as there is hope and beauty and joy and that its there as long as someone is there to remind us sometimes even when we get a bit lost in our lives, jobs etc. TCLOG is that for me. keep on with the good work. we do appreciate it Jane. Mary

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