When Nothing is Going Right

You know those days when you really want to run for the hills?  I had one of those today; in fact the whole week has been an exercise in terror (slight exaggeration, but only just)

Both Adrian and Shaylyn have been really sick and Sadhbh is teething so not sleeping very well at night, read ‘no let up’.

So there I am, hoovering up clouds of baby powder, at 6.30 am (don’t ask) when I get a few sharp shocks in my hands, electrocuted? static shocks? I can’t say for sure but it hurt and it woke me up I can say that much!

Soldiering on with tingly electrocuted hands, patient care, child care, keeping the home fires burning and losing my mind I put a scone in the microwave.  Seconds later….BANG and the microwave was on fire!

I kid you not, this was my day!

Pause while writing this for Saoirse who has just written on the kitchen table with marker, again and for my slipping on a toy teapot in the furore, thank you.

Soon as I saw the flames I panicked, it wasn’t pretty.  I tried to open the back door but was overcome by the flames (sorry I mean smoke and toxic fumes) and had to abandon ship/utility room.

The fire stopped with the microwave ping so thank heavens for small mercies, I was too chicken to go near it so only managed to open the window and close the door to the kitchen. Worried about the girls I ran around frantically opening windows and doors and then feeling poisoned I sat outside for a few minutes to gather myself.

At this moment Sooty (cat) came to investigate and would you believe that after weeks of trying every trick in the book to get in to the house when actually faced with a wide open door she hesitated, for a full, oh five minutes, and then she was in along with of all things in October, a wasp! At this stage I give up!



When faced with a day like this what do you do?

Me, I’m feeling wine, music and dancing round the kitchen…It’s just the only thing that makes sense to me right now!





3 thoughts on “When Nothing is Going Right”

  • Ha Ha Jane, that made me laugh, I realise I should be offering sympathy but sure when that many things go wrong all you CAN do is laugh :)Hope tomorrow works out better 🙂

  • I am sorry and my am started badly as well. I made a double batch of buttermilk waffle batter only to realize, at the moment I mixed it, I’d put too muck liquid. I was mad at myself and I freaked out in front of my kid. Except, I gathered myself together much more quickly and I sent my husband out to get bagels. Because both you and I knew no limbs were on fire. Love to you, Shalagh


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