Words to Excite & Inflame your New Year

It’s New Years Eve! Happy New Years Eve to you all!

Today I’m sharing just a handful, some of my favourite quotes plus some great articles/further reading to be found by clicking on the images with caps below. When I read them they excite me to action, to purpose, to exhilaration. I hope you find something here to inspire you as we say goodbye to one year and hello to another.

How I feel about work (purposeful work that is)

Click this image for more quotes and information on the writer Charles Bukowski

How I feel about life…

Click on this image to read more beautiful quotes from the writer Anais Nin

More how I feel about life…

Jack London
Click on this image for a wonderful article on the inspiring man who was Jack London

Even more on how I feel about life and work…

Click on this image for an inspiring article from brain pickings on the incredible work ethic of Thomas Edison

What I believe to be true…

socrates 1

How I feel about learning…


How I feel about things in general…

Click the image for more quotes from Ernest Hemingway and if you want to read him my favourite book of 2013 was his ‘A Moveable Feast’

So there you go. I hope you found something here to inspire you. Do you have any favourite quotes of your own? I’ll be back some other day with quotes I love on whimsy, love, the universe and friendship. Right now I need some tea and to get cracking. We’re having a little party tonight so I have to hustle!

Wherever you are I wish you a Happy New Year





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