You Are Only Free When You Realise You Belong No Place. #CailleachWitch

You Are Only Free When You Realise You Belong No Place. #CailleachWitch

In my novel ‘Cailleach~Witch’ the Cleary women are coming to an understanding of aloneness. They could love, be attached, feel bound, even serve, but they could not belong. They felt belonging as an illusion, a man made thing, the place of the crowd.

First they’d learned that you can’t fight the system, because it will crush you. You either find a way to live within the illusion of belonging, or you leave. And you can’t fight nature.
All ways are difficult but only one has freedom in it. That was the freedom they sought. To embrace their aloneness, create their own world, their own identity.

Did you feel this in the book? Is it something you relate to? Themes of belonging and identity are always interesting to me. Much Love, Jane.

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‘You only are free when you realize you belong no place — you belong every place — no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great.’ – Maya Angelou

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