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    • Gone Reading September 22, 2014
      Belated birthday presents just arrived in the post! The excitement! What to read first is the question? ‘The Grass is Singing’ by Doris Lessing.  ‘Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter’ by Simone De Beauvoir.  ‘Seven Gothic Tales’ by Isak Dinesen.  ‘A Room of Ones Own by Virginia Woolf.  ‘The Portable Dorothy Parker’ by Dorothy Parker.  ‘The […]
    • Chapter 1 of my Book – Read it Now!!! September 16, 2014
      Good morning! I’m not going to say much only here it is,  a taster of my novel as it stands at the moment. If you enjoy it please leave me a comment. I’ve been having heart attacks all morning so I think I’ll go now…over to you…   A First Novel by Jane Barry Blog: […]
    • To The Mountain September 15, 2014
      Going to the mountain, the Sliabh an Iarainn mountain that overlooks Ballinamore is, for my Dad, going home, as he was born and raised there. It’s also where I spent many happy childhood days at my grandparents house. Last week we went up for a spin just the two of us and even though he […]
    • Easy Moroccan Fish Stew (plus a road trip, new gates & more painting) September 11, 2014
      Hello everyone, if like me your’re in Ireland, can you believe this September we’re having? It’s so beautiful, much more so than summer. From misty mornings, ‘Mammy! There’s clouds on the grass!’ to warm golden days and cool crisp nights of fairy fog and silver moons, long may it last… Here’s a few things we’ve […]
    • Starting Permaculture September 8, 2014
      Dear readers, I’m so excited about our plans for the garden but I’ve been caught short on time so I’m going to break this into two posts. In this one I’ll just tell you what we’re doing, the practicalities, and in the follow up more background, reasons, further reading, that sort of thing. So in […]
    • What a Difference a Day Makes… September 4, 2014
      Dear readers, it’s evening. I’m writing outside to the sound of birds and…birds, and that’s it. All around me the trees have turned shadowy black, the grass is gone cold but the air is still sweet and there’s heat in the walls of the house at my back. it’s summers last dance,  our last chance […]
    • September Update September 2, 2014
      Dear readers, I’d love to stay awhile and chat but I have about twenty minutes and so much news and excitement I’m just going to give you a quick rundown for now. Here we go, the news since my last post, hold on to your hats… 1. Happy Blog Birthday to meeeee!!! Two years ago […]
    • Things I Learned Saturday August 26, 2014
      On Saturday I was in Dublin for my sister Martha’s 30th Birthday celebrations. Aside from great company, lots of laughs, food, music and dancing at The Clarendon and Odessa here’s a few random things happened, discovered or learned… 1. I can’t go out anymore, it takes days to recover, days, such a time waste. I […]
    • Learning to Drive August 21, 2014
      Hello guys, how is everyone doing? I have great news, an update on my catch up post a few weeks back, I’m driving! For real, like a real person! After I wrote that post I set myself a deadline, drive on my own, just into my mothers in town, by the end of the week. […]
    • Feed a Family of Five, One Week, Fifty Euro. August 18, 2014
      I have a passion for food and I’m lucky, we’ve always had a great relationship. I use it to to care for and nourish, to spoil and make well, to show love and friendship, to make sigh and satisfy, to make every day special. Food has given me so much, even a way to be […]
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