Gone for a walk…my ‘About Me’s’ undergoing a redraft. Be back soon :)

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    • The Weekend – Eat, Decorate & Be Merry : ) October 21, 2014
      Hello friends, another new week and October half over. On Friday I finished the second draft of my novel and printed it for the first time. Next I need to go through and read it, pen in hand, making notes and so on before starting afresh on the next draft. I feel very clear about […]
    • Tea Among the Falling Leaves October 14, 2014
      Tea among the falling leaves and streaming light, in Ireland, in October. This is our orchard, it’s a baby orchard still. In the middle stands an obelisk surrounded by a circle of topiary balls I like to imagine the humorous giants they could be one day. A circle of fruit trees surround them, they’re young […]
    • Home Style October 12, 2014
      All week I’ve been cooking solely on our wood fired range and dreaming of colour, pattern, texture, the juxtaposition of things and to be fair, there’s inspiration everywhere. I noted it all and then BOOM… a new kitchen. Well one wall, one part of one wall. But only because I ran out of paper. Yes […]
    • Enough About Me, What Do You Think? October 8, 2014
      It’s raining cats and dogs here in Ballinamore. Sadhbh and I are hard at work in our cosy kitchen with ‘likkle guys’ and lego and brainstorming a new ‘About Me’  for the blog. If your’re a blogger you will know the ‘About Me’ section is by far the most important part of your blog and […]
    • October October 6, 2014
      “Listen! The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves, We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!” Humbert Wolfe Hello my dears. Well since my last post we’ve slipped into October and what a difference a week makes. Last Sunday I sat out until well after dark, surrounded by roses […]
    • How to Do All You Want & Feel Brilliant Today September 29, 2014
      It’s Monday and I love Monday’s because I love mornings, new beginnings and the sense of possibility they bring. Today I’m going to answer the burning question, the one I get asked all the time, the one that women and mothers so often get asked. How do I do it? How did I do it? […]
    • I Don’t Want to Die! September 23, 2014
      I had the strangest week last week, a string of events brought me down like just like domino’s it went, my daughter left for college, I had a birthday (a crappy day) and then it was said to me, next is ‘the change,’ they meant OF LIFE! Are you freaking kidding me? I mean come on! […]
    • Gone Reading September 22, 2014
      Belated birthday presents just arrived in the post! The excitement! What to read first is the question? ‘The Grass is Singing’ by Doris Lessing.  ‘Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter’ by Simone De Beauvoir.  ‘Seven Gothic Tales’ by Isak Dinesen.  ‘A Room of Ones Own by Virginia Woolf.  ‘The Portable Dorothy Parker’ by Dorothy Parker.  ‘The […]
    • Chapter 1 of my Book – Read it Now!!! September 16, 2014
      Good morning! I’m not going to say much only here it is,  a taster of my novel as it stands at the moment. If you enjoy it please leave me a comment. I’ve been having heart attacks all morning so I think I’ll go now…over to you…   A First Novel by Jane Barry Blog: […]
    • To The Mountain September 15, 2014
      Going to the mountain, the Sliabh an Iarainn mountain that overlooks Ballinamore is, for my Dad, going home, as he was born and raised there. It’s also where I spent many happy childhood days at my grandparents house. Last week we went up for a spin just the two of us and even though he […]
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