“Had I not created my whole world, I would certainly have died in other people’s. Anais Nin
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Welcome, to a world of creative richness and expression… 

In need of encouragement, nurturing, and inspiration for your own life and creativity? Find it here, along with thoughts on everything from daily life and creative process to living your life’s potential. 

In 2012 I took the decision to openly embrace and prioritise my creativity like never before… to live bold, and as Rumi said, to respond to ‘every call that excited my spirit’. And as a result…

  • 2012 – Started my creativity and lifestyle blog
  • 2013 – Began writing a novel
  • 2014 – Started painting with a 30 Day Art Challenge



  • Began writing poetry
  • Hosted the first month long ‘Creativity Bootcamp’
  • Created ‘That Curious Love of Green – Creativity Salon’ – An online global community for creative people.
  • Began writing a second novel.
  • Returned to mentoring/coaching with a new focus of writing and creativity…



  • The first LIVE gathering of the TCLOG community took place in Dublin in April. Plans for a larger gathering in September 2017, with talks and workshops are currently underway.
  • My next FREE Creativity Bootcamp takes place from June 1st to 15th 2016, click HERE for more information.
  • Creativity Coaching… Want to work with me? Currently I have one formal coaching package available. One week of unlimited email coaching support plus one skype session at a cost of €200, or €150 for salon members.  Email janebarry17@gmail.com 
  • My e-book series, A Cookbook, Entertaining at Home, Home Decorating, ‘Unlocking Creativity’ and ‘Writing Your First Draft’ are coming soon…
  • Also in production… Creative Writing classes from the comfort of our home.
  • You can contact me janebarry17@gmail.com

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Professional Bio:

Jane Gilheaney Barry is a Writer, Pr, Creativity Coach, Saloniere, and Curator of the popular ‘That Curious Love of Green’ blog. Currently editing her first novel she hosts free ‘Creativity Bootcamps’ as well as an online ‘Creativity Salon’ a community of online creatives from around the world.

In four years of blogging she has attracted a loyal following of over 12,000 people who follow her creative exploits and novel writing journey. 

A former model, Jane worked in Public Relations for many years before starting her own PR Consulting Business specialising in business start ups and mentoring, community development, arts and tourism, event and media management, plus pr writing and training.

For eleven years she led ‘The Shaylyn Group Ltd’ the ground breaking Traditional Performing Arts Company and Show she founded in 2000. Written and produced by Jane, the show played The Town Hall, off Broadway in 2004, and toured across Ireland and Europe.

During this time she also designed and delivered four major development projects in arts and culture, cross border peace & reconciliation, education, and tourism, worth a combined investment of over 7500,000 euro in Ireland’s North West region.

the house

A little bit more…

Jane lives with her husband Adrian and children, Shaylyn, Saoirse and Sadhbh in Co Leitrim, Ireland.

‘I’m passionate about nature, creativity, and living life to the full. I’m not into waiting, postponing, or retiring from life for any reason, I’m 100% for living in the present, bold action, and being true to myself. No excuses. 

I’m interested in peoples happiness, evolution, art, creativity, and being a good human. I believe in the individual, in personal power, thought, and rebellion, the ripples of that. I’m really interested in how we create our own reality and make the world a better place. This is our time, it’s up to us how we shape it. 

My ideal day? Blustery, solitude, hours outside, writing time. Followed by good conversation, good food, and a big glass of wine. Will you join me?’

 ‘Don’t be satisfied with how things have gone, unfold your own myth.’ – Rumi

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Here in Leitrim we designed and built our happy home, a romantic tall flowers, red windows, and two chimneys dream. The house is a canvas, a muse, it inspires me. To tour our home click HERE

PicMonkey Collage about

The local landscape is a deep well of inspiration too. We have a wild garden and a small farm on the Sliabh an Iarainn mountain. This mountain landscape where I grew up is the soul and inspiration of my first novel. 

a PicMonkey Collage

For a while after I had my children, I lost myself, there are so many ways to lose yourself, this and related ill-health was mine.

I was always a writer, an artist in my soul. I knew it but I wasn’t really doing anything conscious with it like ‘actual’ writing. I’d been writing for work but not ‘creatively’ since my school days.

So what changed? What enabled me to make the move to conscious creation, to ‘actual’ writing every day, to blogging and painting, to writing a novel? All within two years?

By making my creativity a priority I became more myself, I became self realised. Now at 42 I can say that despite serious personal challenges, these years since starting the blog have been some of the happiest, strongest and most fulfilled of my life. 

‘Beware for I am fearless and therefore powerful.’ Mary Shelley


I started this blog to explore my creativity, because I was ready for healing and change in my life. I wanted an adventure and to see where it would lead me.  I hoped it might lead me to writing the novel I knew I had in me.

Best – decision – ever

That’s a snapshot of me and my big juicy life here in Leitrim. I hope these pages will help you embrace your passions, keep you company as you travel your own path.

xo Jane

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Some of Your Letters…

”Hi Jane
Firstly, I think of where you live and go a little green with envy. But mostly I think about the greens of growth and expansion of the mind and spirit, like layer upon layer of experience and emotion that add depth to the creative character in anyone open to the adventure.
I think that’s what you are encouraging in others with your openness and your explorations.
And sometimes it’s just nice to know there are other people in the world who care about the souls out there they’ve never met on this physical plain. With what is going on right now in my country (these awful elections) opening up your blog is like the clouds parting after days of roiling clouds. Thank you.” Marilee


Hi Jane,
Met you briefly at the organic centre a few months ago and have been following your blog ever since. I love your random dips into fashion, culture, food, education and society- its benefits and ills. Some days you make me laugh, others I smile or even cry. Anyway, I saw the following piece elsewhere yesterday and thought of you. It’s what I love most about your blog – your CREATIVITY – Hope you like it. Thanks for the elements of grace and beauty you bring to everyday life… it reminds me to LIVE life. Marian x




Just had to drop you a line. I have been following you for a bit now and the images, quotes, poems, etc you post never fail to bring a smile to my face. Thank you for sending out kindness and beauty. It’s appreciated. Elizabeth



Dear Jane, Keep up the fab work.Without wanting to sound like a fruit cake you have inspired me. I have taken out my old box of watercolours, and promised the kids we will paint this evening. I used to be creative but bar cooking have forgotten that side of me. Aisling.

Dear Jane adore your blog, the poetry and images the food and shopping lists can so relate.. Think you create a very special presence and the whole tone and depth of your postings is so very beautiful and meaningful..and utterly smart and not at all flimsy, fluffy or wishy washy. I applaud what you do your courage and intellect. From another sensitive, witchy fearsome do absolutely her own thing always soul. Just wanted to show you support and urge you on, for you to know what you do is very special wonderful work, with kindest regards Maria..

Our house in flowers - Jane Gilheaney Barry - That Curious Love of Green


What members are saying about Jane’s ‘Creativity Salon’…

‘This is a fabulous experience! I’ve been here since the October bootcamp and have no intention of leaving. I’ve found support, inspiration, and affirmation…as well as a bunch of new friends who I wouldn’t trade for anything!’ – Kim Smith, Tennessee, U.S

‘This is an exceptional place to share your hopes and dreams for a creative future!! It is such a safe and welcoming group. I have been here since the October creative Bootcamp and it has been such a wonderful experience!! Everyone in the group had fears and reservations about sharing their innermost creative dreams, but once you say ‘the words and soak up the warmth and encouragement you will feel like you can achieve anything!! Please if you can just give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!!!’ – Michelle Bermingham

”This has been a pivotal experience in my life. I’d put away the creative part of myself for so long, only using in cases where I could blend it with something that could be deemed productive. It is like a part of me has reawakened. Creativity itself is productive, we are here to create the life we want.
The group is such a wonderful collection of expressive, compassionate, encouraging and endearing souls. If you are looking for a place to be brave, this is it.” – Melissa Steffy

”The Creativity Bootcamp has been a key to re-start the stalled Artist inside my heart – I’m already loving the Salon and can’t wait to see what this next year will bring! Encouragement, inspiration, and beauty on all sides… I think this was exactly what I’ve been needing for years, without knowing I needed it. Onward and upward!!’ – Jules Sevenky, Kentucky, US

‘I totally recommend this for any creative individual. I did the bootcamp. I am overjoyed I did, it has led to so many sparks of inspiration, new friendship, fun and advice. I am a blogger and the writing tips I have garnered have been amazing. I write confidently from the soul now.’ – Kathryn O’Sullivan

”Where to start? The October Bootcamp gave me focus. Daily accountable focus to do something I’d wanted for so long. The way everyone interacted, sparking off new ways of looking at old ideas has been, and I know this sounds cliched, a huge wake up call. I’ve always created but lacked the discipline to do it every day.”
To integrate my personal path of creativity into my everyday life until I was just ‘doing’ it with almost every breath seemed an impossible thing. Now not a moment goes by where I don’t ponder my next step.
They say it takes 6 months to retrain the brain into new habits and I feel a good measure along that path already. The Salon is the natural extension of the Bootcamp. A comfortable home to venture into after a day of mundanities. Where one can get sit down and talk about what ideas have cropped up, how best to express oneself and feel like you’ve plonked down into a comfortable chair to talk with those who just ‘understand’ and embrace your creativity.” – Tig Beswick, Canberra, Australia

”The first bootcamp was my greatest gift of 2015 –it deepened my creative practice, led me into my long-lost tribe, connected me to my kindred spirits, and helped me deal with the plagues of pursuing a creative life — the doubts, fears, guilt, and anger, to name a few.

If you have ever wondered and looked for a safe but productive place for your inner artist, then consider participating in the 2nd Creativity Bootcamp in February.

It doesn’t matter whether that inner artist is a seed, a sprout, a shaky shrub, or a full-grown tree — the bootcamp will help you with what you need at your particular creative stage.

I was a misshapen bonsai, but now I am definitely something else that grows in a magical forest.” – Marichit Garcia, Artist at Ink & Water, Pasig, Philippines.


photo (36)Creative Community Meme

  • Read more about and join my year round online creativity salon HERE
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