That Curious Love of Green


Featured in ‘Irish Country Magazine’

As some of you know I was recently interviewed for the June issue of ‘Irish Country Magazine‘ Ireland’s ‘Magazine of the Year’. Having discovered the blog they sent an email asking if they could feature me. Aside from being really flattered and seeing it as […]

Creativity Bootcamp & More…

Creativity Bootcamp & More…

I’ve been thinking for a while about e-books and e-courses. Not for my novel, I’m still going the traditional route for that, seeking an agent, a publishing deal etc first. But I’ve done preliminary research into e-books and what a minefield!   My plan is […]

That Curious Love of Green – First ‘Live’ Gathering

The first LIVE ‘That Curious Love of Green’ gathering takes place in Dublin this weekend and oh my the EXCITEMENT!!! This first gathering is exclusively for TCLOG  ‘Creativity Salon’ members and former ‘Creativity Bootcamp’ participants. The plan is cocktails and dinner on Saturday, brunch meeting […]

10 Tips to Get Ready for Bootcamp – One Whole Month of Creating…

10 Tips to Get Ready for Bootcamp – One Whole Month of Creating…

Oh god… it’s almost time for Bootcamp!!! That’s right folks, October is fast approaching. If you’ve signed up for my FREE October Creativity Bootcamp you’ll be needing to take some steps to make sure you get the most from the month. Only first, if you are […]

I Don’t Want to Die!

I had the strangest week last week, a string of events brought me down like just like domino’s it went, my daughter left for college, I had a birthday (a crappy day) and then it was said to me, next is ‘the change,’ they meant OF […]