Dear Jane, You should have these.

Five years ago, when I was writing the first draft of my novel, a friend did a tarot reading for me from her home. She pulled three cards before laminating and sending them to me. She wrote that they were very positive cards and I should have them. I loved that she did this for me, and as I was writing the first draft of the book at the time I added them to my talisman collection.

The cards she pulled were…

The Seven of Wands – the ability to ‘hold ones own against adversaries’, victory, energy, courage.

The Nine of Cups – an assured future, wish may come true

The Magician –Originality, skill, creativity, and the representation of ‘pure willpower.’

The cards have been on my notice board ever since that day in 2013. I thought of it again this morning because this weekend she kindly reviewed my book on Amazon and because it all had came true. The bad, and ultimately, most assuredly, the good…

Take the Seven of Wands card, this is what it’s about…

Coping and Resistance · Courage · Long-term successes · Perseverance · Strength

You almost certainly have great reserves of courage, and the perseverance to see yourself through difficult times. You may not be aware you possess these qualities, but you will find yourself needing them soon. Expect conflicts, possibly small, but more likely significant. It is not certain where they will arise, but there is no doubt you possess the ability to overcome your adversaries.


Despite slow progress, your determination and sustained efforts will lead you steadily forward. Do not give up.


There is a great conflict approaching, but do not fear. Through courage, you will overcome this hurdle and experience a major change in your life as a result.


Continue to believe in yourself. The odds may be against you but you have the power to beat them. The courage to fight on and accept challenges will lead you to a bright future.

With love and strength and power, xo Jane