Dear Jane, it was the landscape, wasn’t it? #CailleachWitch

Dear Jane, it was the landscape, wasn’t it? #CailleachWitch

Oh Jane! I loved it, there was such a sense of urgency, from the opening to the finish. It was dark and moody and all the things I expected it to be. I could really visualise the landscape as it seemed to be the main character of the book, the house and the sisters second. It was captivating and now that I’m finished, I might just go for a walk to shake off the mist! Well done. Aisling.

Aisling, you know you can never shake off the mist. It’s a part of you, like the wind, like the mountain. This landscape, is the closest thing to me I’ve ever found. Your review is so on point, I love it, thank you. Much Love, Jane.

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