Here you will will all the posts (almost) about my novel writing experience, from when I announced my intention to write a book to 95,000 words later, writing those magical words ‘The End’… 

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Jo Seated on the Old Sofa by Norman Rockwell, 1937. I always fancied myself as Jo in Little Women



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My Novel – The Story so Far

So this week I passed the 40,000 words mark in my novel which feels like a milestone, not least because it’s speeding up now and the time when I can write ‘The End’ on my first draft is in sight. Right now my goal is another 20,000 words by Easter though I expect to do more than that being on a roll and all and another 20 or so after doesn’t seem too out of reach.

I know I will have to rewrite those words ‘The End’ many times, will have to rewrite the whole thing many times but the fact remains I will have done it, I will have written a book.

I had intended to share something of the process here on the blog before this but now’s as good a time as any. So here’s a few thoughts and musings on how it’s been so far, before I go further.

It happened last summer…

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On Reaching 60,000 Words (First Draft Novel)

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A Catch Up – First Draft Novel & More

Just to fill you in on what’s happening, I got back to the book this morning. I hadn’t planned to take such a long break but things were so busy and you know it’s true when it kept me from writing, especially as I’m so close to the end (of the first draft of my novel) and my deadline’s so soon (Easter Sunday, 20th of April)

Anyway it was this social whirl we’ve been having, an endless round of parties and more parties, great fun but exhausting, not that I’m complaining. Added to that Adrian’s flat out with local politics, boxing, work, gardening and did I mention lambing? He owns a small sheep farm. Well you get the idea.

I’d worked out from the calendar, I love a paper calendar to stare at don’t you? Well I’d worked out I still had plenty of time and put down today, March  24th to begin again. Once I’d done that I was happy.

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First Draft Novel – Done

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 Chapter 1 of my Book – Read it Now!!!

A First Novel by Jane Barry



Twitter: @janembarry


Bio Edit: Former entrepreneur, pr and model now living in Leitrim, Ireland with young family, blogging, painting and writing.

Details: Chapter 1 Excerpt

Status: Novel Complete (90,000 words in 9 months) Early Draft Stage/Unpublished/Unrepresented

Genre: Contemporary Mythic Fantasy drawing on Irish Mythology. Other possible genres include, magic realism, dark fiction, romance, family saga, Irish interest.


A Note on Characters: There are three generations of women referred to as follows. The ‘old aunts’ are Jaen (deceased), Ellen and Mae. The adult aunts are Caer (deceased), Honor and Erin, the young sisters are Devin, Liadan, Rory.PicMonkey Collage

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First Chapter of my Novel – Reader Feedback

As you know I’m editing my first novel at the moment, a contemporary mythic fantasy. Even though it’s daunting I have to say I’m enjoying it. I’ve switched my head from writer, not allowed edit, to editor and of course reader.

After some time dithering over process, googling second drafts and what not, I decided against printing it out yet. I attempted to read the whole thing through without making changes, attempted. I couldn’t resist making changes.

Overall I felt happy with it, wondered was I mad to feel that and then went on a slashing spree. I went back to the start. 


writing woman

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